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About Us

Obsidian Renewables has a long-standing interest in alternative energy, including solar, biofuels, small-scale geothermal, and small- scale wind. Obsidian Renewables employs a multi-disciplinary approach to finding and creating value by solving difficult and complex problems. As the builder of the first utility scale solar energy facility within BPA service territory, Obsidian has the knowledge, experience, and connections to take any creative renewable energyproject from inception to completion.

Our Development Process: Whether it is developing a turn-key solar facility or a facility that generates energy to be sold under a power purchase agreement, Obsidian Renewables has the experience and creativity to navigate the challenges that arise in the development of solar projects. Whether it is land-use, permitting, transmission, financing, regulations, or any other challenges that arise during the development process, Obsidian Renewables stands ready to do what it takes to implement a successful project.

Obsidian has the knowledge, experience, and connections to take any creative renewable energy project from inception to completion.

Technology: Obsidian Renewables uses equipment from leading manufacturers that provide long-term warranties on its projects. We perform diligence on each provider of equipment that may be a component of one of our projects. Through our relationships with some of the largest EPC contractors in the United States, we can achieve procurement advantages that result in significant savings to our customers.

Zoning/Land Use: Obsidian Renewables works within the statewide goals for land-use planning, as administered by the state regulatory authority. We also have experience collaborating with local officials and stakeholders to ensure we are respecting the local community’s desires. Our facilities in Lake County Oregon are built on land zoned Exclusive Farm Use, but we have not taken any productive land out of agricultural service. Through collaboration and community outreach, Obsidian Renewables has been successful in navigating the local land-use process to develop projects of which the local community is proud.

Community Relations: Obsidian Renewables believes that the support of local public and private entities, as well as citizens of surrounding communities, is important to the success of each facility. Obsidian Renewables experiences an overwhelmingly positive response from the communities in which it is working. When available, Obsidian Renewables intends to utilize local skilled workers in the construction, installation, and management of its solar facilities.