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Renewable Projects

Outback Solar

Obsidian Renewables, LLC, developed the Outback Solar facility over four years. Developed utilizing a strategic collaboration with Smart Energy Capital, Outback Solar is a 5.7 MW (dc capacity) solar photovoltaic facility that uses single-axis tracking to generate approximately 10 million kilowatt hours of energy annually—equivalent to the energy use of about 1,000 homes each year. Portland General Electric is buying the energy produced by the facility under a long-term power purchase agreement. Outback Solar is located on 50 acres nine miles east of the town of Christmas Valley, Oregon. Due to the remote location of the facility, provision of skilled labor to construct the facility presented a challenge, but 80% of the labor was from within the state.

The Team

Co-Developer: Obsidian Renewables, LLC
Co-Developer: Smart Energy Capital
EPC Contractor: Belectric, Inc.
Electrical: Christensen Electric


Modules: Hanwha 285 watt modules—approximately 23,000 modules
Inverters: SMA 730 and 260 watt inverters—each inverter pad contained a one MW block
Racking: Array Technologies Durra-Track Single-Axis Tracker

Community Relations

Obsidian Renewables believes that the support of local public and private entities, as well as citizens of surrounding communities is important to the success of each facility. When available, Obsidian Renewables intends to continue to utilize local skilled workers in the construction, installation, and management of its solar facilities.

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